Clinical Services

Initial Visit

Includes a thorough history, goal assessment and some basic psychological base-line testing.

Individual Neurofeedback Sessions

Typically begin with 2 sessions per week and decrease as learning optimizes. Getting the first 10 sessions in fairly quickly optimizes learning and may reduce the overall number of sessions required.

When Can I Get An Appointment?

First-time appointments to discuss whether or not neurofeedback may be your best option can typically be scheduled within a month. However, appointments for regularly scheduled neurofeedback may take longer. We currently maintain a waiting list for new neurofeedback patients. Because appointment times each week are guaranteed, certain slots become available as others complete their neurofeedback training. So, as slots become available, people on the waiting list are contacted in the order in which they got on the list. For example, if a 10 a.m. slot on Mondays and Thursdays becomes available, the first person on the waiting list is called to check availability. If this is a good time for that person, then no one else is contacted. If it is not a good time, then the next person on the list is contacted until someone is found who has availability for that particular time slot. It has happened in the past that people towards the end of the list have gotten in more quickly because of greater flexibility in schedule. Also, if while on the waiting list, you decide to pursue other avenues of treatment, you may always change your mind and ask to be removed from the list when contacted for an appointment.